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Fencers in Ft Wayne
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Steve K [userpic]

The SCFC has t-shirts on order, they come in black & green or pink & red.  Order yours now, they'll be arriving soon!

The demo in the Great Hall of the Main Library on Aug 5 went very well, we handed out a lot of catalogs and talked to quite a few people.  We were even briefly featured on the local FOX news broadcast that night!  Pictures can be seen on on the SCFC Facebook profile.

Classes starting soon, sign up at www.neighborhood-connection.org.  First tournament of the 2010-11 season will be on 9/11 at St. Henry's Catholic Church!

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Steve K [userpic]

Information from fencingofficials.org --

Attention USA International Foil Fencers

  • The FIE has approved making the bib target in foil.
  • The proposed timetable is that the FIE will require the conductive bib in Senior competitions starting January 2009 and for Juniors starting the following season in September 2009.
  • As of yet there are no models or prototypes available. A retrofit overlay system on existing masks is being accepted.
  • Be prepared to have a saber-like mask connecting cord to run from the new conductive mask bib to the lame and to get your mask retrofitted if you intend to compete in FIE competitions.
  • The implementation date of this change for USFA has not yet been determined. The USFA will wait and see how this develops before implementing it here for our domestic events.

Other major countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Britain and Spain have various timetables for their domestic implementation. To the best of our knowledge the following is the schedule of implementation for the following countries:

  • Great Britain - Seniors in January 2009, Juniors in September 2009),
  • Germany - Jan. 1, 2009 for seniors, post-Belfast for Junior/Cadets).
  • Italy - Jan. 1, 2009 for seniors, post-Belfast for Junior/Cadets)
  • France - September 2009 for all events
  • Spain - Yet to decide.
Fencing.net discussion can be found here.  Leon Paul prototype can be seen here.

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Steve K [userpic]

In case people are wondering what the latest t-shirts look like, here you are.  Available on Sunday for just $8.00!!!

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Steve K [userpic]

Americans sweep the Women's Sabre medals in Beijing!

Sada Jacobsen (silver), Mariel Zagunis (gold), and Rebecca Ward (bronze) -- the three medalists for individual Women's Sabre at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, Aug 2008.  Congrats, ladies!  GO USA!!!

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Steve K [userpic]

Want to know what the club t-shirts for the 2008-09 season will look like?  You get to help us decide!!!  The four options below are the potential back of the t-shirt; the front will have the club logo and website address.  Please vote on your top two schemes by leaving a comment below.  We'd like you to include your name since we might want to get back to people for further feedback.  (Votes without a name will not be counted.)  Thanks, have a great day!
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Remember, votes without a name included will not be counted!

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Michael [userpic]

Been a while since I have checked out the Fort Wayne Fencing blog.  Looks pretty awesome and informative, like the pics and vids cool!  Hope all is well with the SCFC.  Was just an idea but has anybody though about doing a demo down in front of the Allen County Public Library? Could be cool.  Anyway best wishes and hope to see you all on the strip soon.  -MacLeod

Steve K [userpic]

The SCFC was recently forced to move out of its location on Clubview Dr., so we have relocated to Zion Lutheran Academy for the time being.  Starting tomorrow (July 8), all club practices and classes will be held at ZLA until further notice.  We will be meeting Monday-Wednesday, at our usual times of 6-7 for classes and 7-9 for regular club practices.

Zion Lutheran Academy
2313 Hanna St., Ft. Wayne, IN 46803

We will need to keep the door to the building locked, so punctuality has become critical.  Members are asked to arrive promptly between 6:50 and 6:59 PM (or between 5:50 and 5:59 PM before a class session).  If you arrive late, please ring the doorbell.  A Floor Leader or building staff member will let you in as soon as possible.  In this case, you may have to wait outside several minutes.  Please note that locker rooms are available for changing and showering, plenty of seating is available if parents would like to remain in the building while their kids fence.  Check the official website regularly for updates and any changes!

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Steve K [userpic]

germanfest060708_001 germanfest060708_011 auburn062508_01 auburn062508_03
Pics from Germanfest, Auburn Parks Dept demo, et cetera, can be found here.  Enjoy!

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Steve K [userpic]

It's true!  Mariel, the gold medal sabreist from 2004, recently did a segment on the Today show.

Also, Brian Williams did a segment on kids wheelchair fencing back in February.  It's nice to see the word getting out on the sport!

Elaine from Ohio Northern University fencing foil against Roman at the SCFC Spring Fling Open on 04/19/08.

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