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Fencers in Ft Wayne
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August 2010
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Steve K [userpic]
Spring Fling Open -- Pics and Results

Tim H fencing sabre, Regan F in background

Just wanted to let people know that the results for the SCFC Spring Fling Open have been posted, great job to all who participated!  Special thanks to Tim H, Peggy B, Roman W, Jim C, Caleb S, and Cody B for being at the gym most or all of the day, your help was greatly appreciated.  You can see more pics at my Flickr account, I plan to send a bunch more to Peggy so we can get some up on the official website soon.

By the way, please keep the following tournaments in mind for May:
Checkered Flag Open -- Indianapolis, IN; May 17
Jackson Fencing Club D & Under -- Jackson, MI; May 31
I'm already preregistered for those, so I hope some people will be able to join me!  Thanks again to all those who helped make the Spring Fling Open so much fun!

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