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Fencers in Ft Wayne
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August 2010
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Michael [userpic]
Been a while

Been a while since I have checked out the Fort Wayne Fencing blog.  Looks pretty awesome and informative, like the pics and vids cool!  Hope all is well with the SCFC.  Was just an idea but has anybody though about doing a demo down in front of the Allen County Public Library? Could be cool.  Anyway best wishes and hope to see you all on the strip soon.  -MacLeod

Re: Been a while

Hola! Things have started off a little slow at Zion here in the midst of summer, but we had a good turn-out last night and again tonight. If you don't want to pay the July-Aug $35 membership, you can still pay a $5 floor fee for the night and come out. We'll be doing epee every Tues night from 7-8 PM, come check it out if you're free. And I did contact ACPL in doing a demo with them this summer, they even expressed an initial interest, but nothing ever came of it. Don't know what the story since I called a couple different times, but maybe we can try again in the near future. Thanks for the input, though!