Fencers in Ft Wayne

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This community has been created for current and former fencers of the Fort Wayne area. News about fencing in the local area can be posted, feedback is encouraged. People will also be able to keep in touch with their fencing comrades, even if they move away or are no longer able to come to practice on a regular basis. Any other miscellaneous fencing news, especially pertaining to Indiana, will be welcome.

Any editorial comments or opinions are solely those of the individuals who post them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Summit City Fencing Club, the USFA, the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Dept, or any other organization. The maintainer (spk1121) oversees this blog independently and reserves the right to delete any postings or comments which he deems excessively negative or derogatory. That said, honest opinions and feedback are always welcome!

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